How To Get Product Support

Please contact us at, and tell us what’s going on.

Our goal is to resolve issues rapidly, so please follow the suggestions in the tips section below to get better support.

The Next Mountain team will review the details and investigate the issue.

Tips For Getting Better Support

First, please let us know which product you’re experiencing an issue with. It’s best to include the product name in the email subject, such as [Product Name]: [Short Issue Title], so that we can route your support request properly.

For example, a good email subject might be Solo CRM: Problem Updating My Event Data.

Then, in the email, please include a description of the issue so that we can clearly understand what happened, compared what you expected to happen.

For example, I clicked the save button, and I expected it to update the changes to a recent event that I attended, but it still shows the old information.

Does this issue happen only on some particular action, such as clicking a button or entering some information? Was there anything special going on that might have caused an issue? Does this issue always happen? How long has this issue been happening, or when did you first notice this issue?

If we wanted to test the issue for ourselves, then how would we do that? What steps would let us reproduce the issue?

What device were you using? Was it a desktop computer with a particular web browser, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.? Or was it a mobile phone or a tablet, running iOS or Android?

For example, you might say I was using my desktop computer running Windows 10, with a Google Chrome web browser.