About Next Mountain


At the surface level, Next Mountain designs and builds mobile and web applications to help you succeed and grow.

But going more deeply, we know that some people work toward achieving a more perfect state in their own lives. Or, at least, they have a desire somewhere inside themselves to improve. To succeed. To grow.

Our products are designed to help those people—the ones who want to optimize the parts of their lives that they have the power to change, even if their full willpower and desire are not yet there—to achieve the next level in their personal and professional lives. And beyond.

So, from this perspective, Next Mountain’s name and corporate logo represent the challenges that we face when striving to achieve something great, or even when we decide to make the simple but elusive changes that we know that we need in our lives.

First, the name Next Mountain symbolizes the challenges that you may be facing in your life.

There is never just a single mountain.

Of course, there are many mountains that you have climbed in the past, as well as mountains that you are currently climbing. And there are mountains that you need to be ready to climb.

And next, the Next Mountain logo is a stylized M, representing a mountain followed by the next mountain that you’ll face.

The sun is shining onto the mountains, lighting two of the mountain faces. Some parts of a challenge are harder, and some can be easier.

With the Next Mountain name and logo guiding our product decisions like the North Star guides a traveler on an arduous quest, we hope that the products we build help you climb further in your life and achieve meaningful goals.


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Jason Robinson, PhD, MBA

Founder and CEO of Next Mountain Corporation


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Next Mountain Corporate Logo

As of Feb. 06, 2018, Next Mountain’s corporate logo is registered with the USPTO (Reg. No. 5,395,752). All rights reserved. For media requests, please contact us at support@nxtmtn.com.

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But Did I Do It Product Logo

Next Mountain’s logo for the But Did I Do It family of products, shown above, as well as the product name itself, But Did I Do It™, are trademarks of Next Mountain Corporation. All rights reserved. For media requests, please contact us at support@nxtmtn.com.