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Innovation is a core part of Next Mountain’s DNA.

To get a taste of product development at Next Mountain, check out some of our Founder’s posts:

As you can see, building Next Mountain has been an exciting adventure!

Upcoming Products

From the blog posts mentioned above, you can see that Next Mountain stops, reflects, and keeps climbing.

Here’s some of the mountains that we’ve been climbing over the years, which are slated for future releases:

  • Purpose, Goals, and HabitsBut Did I Do It is available for Android, with more coming for iOS and web
  • AI Conscience—what Next Mountain was founded to build
  • Graphs and Charts—easily organize and track your progress
  • Personal Decision Tools—overcome those hard decisions that you need to make
  • Pet Health—love your pet, too
  • Personal Experimentation—manage the changes that you’re making
  • Workout Tools—make progress, stay motivated
  • Lifetime Learning—keep sharp
  • And More—coming, as they get slated for release...

Naturally, this is a multi-year journey, focused on products for personal optimization.

We’re taking it one step at a time, pausing when we need to, and making progress for the long term. Stay tuned.

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