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Job Search And Career

Posts for considering your career. We’ll consider what makes a meaningful career. We’ll also consider career switching.

Tactical and strategic job search content includes resumes, job searches, interviews, and career success.

  • Common Interview Mistakes: Why Us? — Answering basic interview questions well is a key skill. This post considers "Why Us?," which means having a good reason for working for that employer.


From the on-campus experience, to distance learning, to MOOCs, to learning from scratch, this section has something for you.

We even discuss creating online courses.

Eductation, both formal and informal, is the foundation of everything you do — so invest wisely.


These are posts about the startup process — there is a separate technical section as well.

Oh man. Shockingly (not really), starting a startup is harder than you might expect. Stay tuned!

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These are posts for people who are interested in more technical aspects and considerations.

Posts will include engineering and other technical discussions. Non-techies may find some fun content here, as well.

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Administrative And Other Items

Because every post needs a home.

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